The Incomplete Superficial Palmar Arch

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What to Learn from this Article?

 1. A rare variation of Incomplete Palmar arch?

2. Anatomical and Clinical review of such presentation?

Case Report: Volume 3 | Issue 2 | JOCR April – June 2013 | Page 32-34 | Gharravi AM, Azandeh S, Gholami MR, Nejad DB

Author: Anneh Mohammad Gharravi [1], Saeed Azandeh [2] ,  Mohammad Reza Gholami [3], Daryoush Bijan Nejad [2] .

[1] School of Medicine, Shahroud University of Medical Sciences, Shahroud, Iran.

[2] Department of anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Ahvaz Jundishapour University of Medical Sciences (AJUMS), Ahvaz, Iran.

[3] Department of anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Lorestan University of Medical Sciences, Khorram Abad, Iran.

Address of Correspondence:

Dr. Anneh Mohammad Gharravi: School of Medicine, Shahroud University of Medical Sciences, Shahroud, Iran. E-mail:


Introduction: Superficial palmar arch (SPA) is dominant vascular structure in palm of hand. In present study we described a case of Ulnar / Radiopalmar pattern of incomplete SPA in an Iranian cadaver. When the SPA is complete, the superficial palmer branches of the radial artery contribute to the ulnar artery. In incomplete type of SPA, there was no anastomosis between the ulnar and radial arteries (UA, RA).

Case Report: In the present case, the brachial artery divided into RA and UA at the cubital fossa. There was no anastomosis between radial and ulnar arteries (RA, UA) in the palm of the hand. UA gave three palmar digital arteries; proper palmar digital artery and two common palmar digital arteries. RA gave proper palmar digital artery and arteria princeps pollicis.


Knowledge of anatomical variation of SPA is important for the hand surgical interventions and this is a very rare variation which can be easily tested clinically by Allen’s test. 

 Keywords: Superficial palmar arch, Ulnar artery, Radial artery.


How to Cite This Article: Gharravi AM, Azandeh S, Gholami MR, Nejad DB. The Incomplete Superficial Palmar Arch. Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports 2013 April-June;3(2): 32-34. Available from :

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