Section Editor: Terms and Conditions

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to invite you on the Editorial Board of Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports.

We shall require your assistance as Editorial Board member in following areas

1. Spreading news and updates about the journal and inviting your colleagues and students to submit articles to JOCR

2. Review synopsis in your related field. As Editorial board members you will probably receive around one article every two months and you choose whether to review the synopsis. In review process, you will be required to go through the article and give your opinion as Publishable or Not Publishable and if Publishable what corrections you will like the authors to do. There will be three reviewers for each article and decision will be taken by the editors on basis of all three reviews. The review process will be completely blinded and as per international guidelines. We will try to distribute the work evenly and not overburden individual Editorial board members with too much work and anyways you can always decline to do a review if time constrains you.

3. As Editorial Board members you can give your comments and suggestions on working on JOCR. Also if there are suggestions specific to your speciality of your geographic region, please do write to us directly

4.Letter to Editors: This is a special attribute and editorial board members might be required to answer. By convention letter to editors is answered by the authors only. However in JOCR we will also send this letter to section editors and if they wish to add something to the answer it can be included in the response.

The duration of post of active Editorial Board member is for two years after which you will be free to discontinue, however your name will continue to be on our advisory board unless you wish to withdraw it.

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Do let us know if any issue has been left unaddressed or you have any further queries

Sincere Regards

Dr Ashok Shyam MS (Ortho)

Editor – Journal of Medical Thesis