Journal of orthopaedic Case Reports has now received confirmation of Indexing from three international indexing bodies

EBSCO Host is one the Premier Indexing bodies with headquaters in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The Index has approved of Indexing JOCR, however the entire procedure of making the issues available on the website of EBSCO Host will take few months. All articles from First issue onwards are Indexed at EBSCO Host

Index Copernicus is one the Largest Indexing bodies that has already Indexed JOCR in their Database

Google Scholar is one of the most frequently used Indexes. articles from Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports can now be found on Google Scholar, however complete Issues will be available in a span of few weeks.

With three major International Indexing bodies acknowledging Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports, the Credibility and popularity of the Journal is Underlined. JOCR has been fortunate to have received such Indexing from  publication of its maiden First issue. The entire Team at JOCR and at IORG are proud of this achievement and thank everyone who is involved in making JOCR  a success.