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Jan – March  2013 |  Volume 3  | Issue 1

Editorial – A Single Observation can Change a Paradigm.

The Structure of Scientific Revolution” the ‘development-by-accumulation’ model of science is interrupted by episodic accelerations which are sparked by individual observations or thought process. Such observations and deliberations (or anomalies) are, what we can define as the ‘Epitome of Case Reports’. 

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  Use of Fibula Bridge Graft Technique to Treat a Distal Tibia Non Union- A Case Report

    Its infrequent to find fibula spanning across the tibia nonunion, however when available this can be used as bridge graft to promote healing.  Single case report hihglighting this technique and philosophy

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  Idiopathic Bilateral Gluteus Maximus Contracture in Adolescent Female: A Case Report

 An extraordinary case with distressing symtoms to the patient. Treatment was as simple as identifying the problem muscles and releasing it

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