Subdeltoid Bursa Tuberculosis with Rice Bodies Formation: Case Report and Review of Literature

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Presentation and Management of Tuberculous Subdeltoid Bursitis.

Case Report |  Volume 4 | Issue 2 | JOCR April-June 2014 | Page 57-59 | Pimprikar MV, Kekatpure AL. DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2250-0685.169

Authors: Pimprikar MV[1], Kekatpure AL[2]

[1] Director And Senior Consultant ADTOOS Clinics & Pimprikar Hospital Nasik. India.
[2] Consultant Shoulder And Elbow Surgeon ADTOOS Clinics & Pimprikar Hospital Nasik. India.

Address of Correspondence:

Dr. Aashay .L.Kekatpure, Pimprikar Hospital, Govind Nagar, Chowk No.5, Behind Prakash Hotel, Mumbai Naka. Nasik-400009. India. E-mail:


Introduction: We describe a rare case of a patient with unilateral musculoskeletal manifestation of tuberculosis presented as bursitis of the left shoulder with rice bodies , without coexisting active tuberculosis or tuberculosis in the previous history.

Case Report: A 21 year old patient was examined, who complained of pain and swelling in the left shoulder for 2 years. MRI showed a large amount of rice bodies with joint effusion in the left shoulder with  intact rotator cuff. The histological examination showed a tuberculosis-specific inflammatory response with giant cells and epithelioid  granulomas . Arthroscopic debridement and removal of the loose bodies was done. A brief summary of the literature is given.

Conclusion: We report a unique case of tuberculous subdeltoid bursitis with rice bodies  formation in absence of any other concomitant focus of tuberculous infection, managed with arthroscopic debridement and anti -tuberculous regimen with a long follow up of twelve months.

Keywords: Subdeltoid Bursitis;Rice bodies ;Arthroscopy.

How to Cite This Article: Pimprikar MV, Kekatpure AL. Subdeltoid Bursa Tuberculosis with Rice Bodies Formation:Case Report and Review of Literature. Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports 2014 April-June;4(2): 57-59. Available from:



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