Case 2 – Jan -Mar 2012. Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports

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Intra-radicuar Disc Herniation mimicking a Nerve Root Tumor

Suresh Sivadasan Pillai1

  1Division of Spine Surgery, Lakeshore Hospital and Research Center Ltd, Kochi, Kerala, India

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Dr. Suresh Sivadasan Pillai. Head Division of Spine Surgery, Lakeshore Hospital and Research Center Ltd, Kochi, Kerala, India. Email –


Introduction: Intra-radicular disc herniations are rare disorders with only few cases reported in literature. In most of these cases there is evidence of some part of the disc in adjacent area. We present a case of completely intra-radicular disc which was misdiagnosed as nerve root tumor as there was no evidence of disc prolapse at the time of diagnosis.

Case Presentation: 51 year old male presented with history of severe back pain radiating to right lower limb since 11/2 month. MRI showed hypointense lesion completely inside the S1 root and a provisional diagnosis of nerve root tumor was done. At surgery, fluffy material was removed from the lesion which was histopathologically confirmed as intervertebral disc. Post operatively all symptoms of patient was relieved except dysesthesia in sole which lasted for a year post surgery. At 5 year follow up patient has no symptoms.

Conclusion: A diagnosis of intra-radicular disc should be considered in differential of nerve root tumor. Surgical excision of intra-radicular disc gives good clinical and functional results.

Keywords:  Intra-radicular disc, interdural disc herniation, nerve root tumor

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